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How difficult to replace an old door with 2 hinges painted over multiple times?

The door leads from back pantry to back porch.  Dimensions are about ~76x29.5 inches.  I've hung an inside door before, but it was relatively new.  This one is ancient, with 2 old hinges with several layers of paint

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Posted 2013-07-25T13:48:14+0000  by AAfix AAfix

Hi AAfix,


The job is no more difficult than the others you have worked on.


Just take a painters tool, putty knife or paint scraper  to scrape away the paint on the hinges, remove the screws and remove the door.


You may have to scrape the paint out of the screw head slots to remove the screws.


Score the paint around the hinges with a utility knife, this will allow you to get them off without damaging the surrounding paint.


If you want to reuse the old hinges, soak them in paint remover to loosen the old paint, scrape off the excess and clean the hinges with paint thinner.


Once the hinges are clean your ready hang your new door as usual.



Posted 2013-07-25T18:03:54+0000  by Mike_HD_OC

This door is measuring 76x29.5 inches.  Does Home Depot sell doors that size?

Posted 2013-08-02T22:46:50+0000  by AAfix
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