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How do I achieve this striped look?

I love the look of the bottom set of stripes in this photo, but have never painted anything before.  How do I do this?  For the sake of explanation, I will just use the colors here as my reference. 


Here's my thought process, please correct me if I'm wrong. 

  • Paint the whole wall taupe.  Let dry. 
  • Take strips of painter's tape or Frog tape for delicate walls, and create the "negative" space where the white paint would go.  Paint the inside of the "negative space" with white and let it dry. 
  • Remove painter's tape before it's completely dry (that's what I've read anyway)
  • Use painter's tape again and put edge of the tape right next to the edge of the dried white paint to beging to create the "negative" space where the blue goes.
  • Paint the blue, let dry slightly, and remove the tape.

Am I close to having the right idea?  Is there an easier way?  Could I skip painting taupe on the area that goes white-blue-white?  Any tips on how dry it needs to be before putting frog tape over it??


Thank you kindly! 



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Posted 2013-03-18T21:44:59+0000  by GenieKR GenieKR




It looks like you have done your homework! You have the general idea.  One thing I would add is that you should seal the edge of the blue tape to ensure that you get a clean, crisp  edge. I generally use untinted "deep base" paint for this task.The 8 ounce sample jars are adequate for this and only cost $3. The deep base dries clear and any paint that creeps under the tape will be clear and not seen.


If the stripe field is going to require a second coat, cut in very close to the tape on the first coat, but do not get paint on the tape. On the second coat, roll right over the tape and then pull it before it has set. Acrylic paints have a somewhat rubbery quality and if two coats of paint are allowed to dry over the tape, you risk pulling up a ragged edge.


Good luck on your project.

Posted 2013-03-19T05:40:43+0000  by ordjen

Good Day GenieKR!


You've described the tapes you should use very well:

1) Frog Tape has PaintBlock; and

2) 3M Delicate Surface Tape has EdgeLock.


Essentially, the emulsion on the sticky side of the tape expands when paint wets the paper tape backing. As the emulsion expands, it grabs the surface and seals the tape edge ... preventing paint bleed.


I developed the demo board for these tapes and both produced perfectly straight lines when removed.


Try this for your painting sequence:


1) Paint the lower three-foot and the upper two-foot bands white first;

2) Allow to dry;

3) Use two-inch and three-inch tape to create the pattern of white bands by simply taping over the white you just painted;

4) Paint above and below the tape with your respective colors making certain to paint over the edge of the tape (to help seal the edge);

5) Allow to dry and carefully remove the tape to reveal the white bands.


This technique requires only one session of taping.


You'll use less tape, take less overall time to complete the project, and you should create sharp, straight lines.



I like to run my thumb along the edge of my tape before I start painting. This helps ensure the edges are smooth against the wall.

Posted 2013-03-19T14:12:13+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Thank you so much for the responses!  We think we've got it, and picked out paint colors yesterday.  We'll be starting the project on the weekend - wish us luck!  :-)


Posted 2013-03-21T12:53:25+0000  by GenieKR

Outstanding GenieKR!


We can't wait to see photos and read pointers on your creative solution!


Good Luck!

Posted 2013-03-21T14:54:06+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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