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How do I build a palanquin/ roman litter?

I am having a surprise party for my mother's 60th birthday and I would like to have her make a grand entrance on a palanquin/roman litter. The theme of the party will be goddess. Here is a picture below; I would like a smaller version of this maybe a chair instead of a bed. Can you help please?
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Posted 2011-06-26T04:08:11+0000  by smann7626 smann7626

:smileysurprised: That is super impressive smann7626! Now that you have started with DIY, it will be hard to stop, believe me :smileyvery-happy:


Best of luck with your future projects and let us know if you need any advice. I look forward to seeing you on here for a long time.



Posted 2011-10-10T11:31:17+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL

Hey guys, this is amazing stuff.

I'm getting married in a few months and i want to build something like this too to be brought into the wedding venue on. 


but considering i dont have many men in my family might find it difficult to find people to carry the palanquin !! so i was thinking i wanted the shape to be like an open pearl where i would sit inside, but with wheels at the bottom so my sisters could kind of 'wheel' me in.


does that sound possible?


Please help. i've never built anything before :( and i really want a unique bridal entrance!

Posted 2013-12-11T07:07:38+0000  by maiii
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