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How do I change MFG Model # : 303-605 undercabinet lighting light bulb?

Hi!  I'm new to this board, and need help.  I have a blown light bulb in our new undercabinet fixtures. 


It's a Home Depot fixture, MFG Model # : 303-605.  I can't see how to access the bulb.  The unit is an all-in-one, and the bulb came with it--although this model number doesn't include the bulb. 


I purchased all 7 of the units in July of 2010.  They were installed at the end of our build in late 2011.  I'd hate to call our electrician just to change a light bulb if at all possible.  Any instruction would be appreciated. 



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Posted 2013-01-12T19:29:00+0000  by juliaml juliaml

Hello juliaml!


Thanks for your great question and welcome to the community!


It appears to me from the model number you gave us (thanks for that!) that you have a halogen GU-10 base bulb. And I have great news for you, you can remove all of these units yourself safely and effectively!


Just to make sure we are on the same page, I have the link of the 3000 Series 4 in. Halogen Brushed Chrome light fixture kit below: 


 These types of bulbs don't screw out or 'pop' out like typical light bulbs. These have a twist lock system that quarter turns counterclockwise, allowing the bulb to be safely removed. GU-10 bases were made since the older 'fang-style' MR16 shape bulbs (which look almost like these except for the base) fell out constantly. 


If its hard to get a grip on these, you can try using rubber gloves with anti-skid material on them, or use duct tape to remove them. We have a video on how to fashion duct tape to take out a GU-10 base bulb authored by fellow expert

Posted 2013-01-12T19:44:10+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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