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How do I change the color of silicone caulk? Paint over it? Caulk over it?

My back door was caulked yesterday.  Prior to the handyman coming, I bought caulk (tan) to match the side of the house.  However, I forgot to put it out for him and he used the white caulk that was out.  I need to match the side of the house.  It's a silicone caulk, not latex.  Can I paint over it?  If so how would I go about that, as it's hard to do from what I hear.  Or...can I apply a thin layer of tan caulk over it? 


What do you think?  I need to fix this problem as my house is on the market.  Help!!

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Posted 2013-10-15T12:50:48+0000  by 1962 1962

WOW 1962!


The best laid plans ...


You are so right!


Silicone caulk cures to a hard rubber bead that is designed to repel weather, water, and numerous other contaminants ... including the next coat of paint.


Latex (water-based, water clean-up) caulk is paintable, but silicone rubber caulk is not.


So, you have three basic choices:


1) Remove and re-caulk ... neither inexpensive nor fun, but certainly a better repair;

2) Use an oil-based primer over the silicone until you get an even coat, then paint ... a brittle surface that will fail later; or

3) Use a thin layer of latex caulk over the silicone ... also not a great repair, but a short-term solution.


None of these are great solutions.


However, you might try a hybrid of number one and number three.


Layering latex on top of silicone may show as a visible lump, so remove the exposed layer of the silicone with a razor knife and then apply latex caulk into the seam.


This will require additional time and labor, but will result in a paintable surface that looks more natural.



When working with cutting tools like utility knives, always wear protective gloves.

Posted 2013-10-15T13:41:13+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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