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How do I change the light bulb in an under cabinet light? 16"


This is what the light looks like.

How do I get to the bulb to change it?

 ounder cabinet

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Posted 2013-10-15T00:54:42+0000  by ckeenkeen ckeenkeen

Hello ckeenkeen!


You are just moments away from changing that bulb.


Referring to the image below, you will place your thumbs against the cover where the black arrows point.


Press gently and you will see that the cover has a lip that will slip past the metal edge once depressed.


The red arrow denotes the hinged side of the cover.

Light Fixture with Arrow To Cover.jpg

Once you slip the lip past the metal edge, the cover will hinge open toward the red arrow and come free.


Reverse the order to re-install the cover after replacing the light bulb.



Some manufacturers reverse the hinged edge to the opposite side.


If the black arrow edge does not release when depressed, simply reverse the instructions and release the opposite side.

Posted 2013-10-15T14:28:04+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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