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How do I create a faux wood look on a raised pattern to make it look like carved wood?

I have some bi-fold doors that I want to use to make a headboard.  It has a all over pattern that is raised by a 1/2".  It is a plastic material that has been painted with a latex paint.  I want to make it look like carved wood and don't know how to do that.  Should I use a graining brush like Martha Stewart one for wavy grain and then use a glaze on the raised edges?  Is there a better way do do this?  doors2a,JPG_cr.jpg

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Posted 2013-10-13T08:45:51+0000  by 4diylearner 4diylearner

Wow! That's the best set of bi-fold doors I have ever seen.:smileyhappy:


I think because the patterns and textures are so defined it will be very difficult to make the wood grain. Not impossible, but difficult.


I would consider painting the whole surface with a base coat of "wood brown" (the color and depth that you have in mind). This will require using a paint/primer product like the BEHR UTRA in satin finish. 


Next, use a darker brown glaze for the wood graining.  This is where it gets tough:smileysurprised:  Due to the textured pattern you will not be able to drag a graining tool across the surface.  Every time you encounter a raised section the graining line will stop and skip it's natural pattern (thus looking unnatural) and will most likely collect at the edge. Use an artist's brush to accomplish the grains - paying close attention to the natural graining process.


Before working so hard on the graining - try just applying the glazing over the whole base coat and wiping off.  This will give a wonderful darker outline around each raised texture and may achieve your desired effect (or second best).


Similar to these corbels:




Please post a picture so we can see the progress.

Posted 2013-10-13T15:59:55+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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