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How do I cut plastic ceiling tile?

I see there are a few different types of plastic ceiling tiles listed at  I really like the looks of some of them but am worried about installation.  I've got a lot of odd angles and partial pieces in my gameroom. 


Is it hard to cut those partial tiles?  And what do I use to cut them? 


Does anybody have any experience working with the plastic ceiling tiles?

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Posted 2012-08-21T14:03:40+0000  by d_condello d_condello

Hello d_condello and thank you for joining The Community!  We are glad that you are here.


I found three (3) types of plastic ceiling tiles – they are beautiful and easy to install:


 Ceiling Tile Types.jpg  


On the left is the Genesis Classic Pro Ceiling Tile that fits in grids.  To cut them, simply mark and score the face of the tile with utility knife and snap tile at cut.  A skill saw or table saw can also be used in cutting multiple tiles at once and a RotoZip or hole-saw for odd sizes shapes and circular holes – like sprinkler heads or can lights. You may also use a metal angle ruler to score and then snap the tile.


In the middle is the Fasade Lay-in Decorative Thermoplastic Ceiling Tile suitable for glue up or lay-in installations.  These panels can be cut with tin snips, scissors, or a utility knife and straight edge.


On the right is the Ceilume Lay-in or Glue up Ceiling Tile can also be painted and can be easily trimmed to fit using common household scissors.


When deciding which tile to use, consider the grid system that you will be using since they will also need to accommodate the odd angles and partial pieces in your gameroom. 


Best wishes with your project.




Posted 2012-08-21T14:44:59+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL
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