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How do I cut the legs of a metal loft bed

Hello, I have a metal IKEA loft bed for my 5 year old. She has bumped her head a few times on the ceiling and I would like to shorten the legs by 3 or 4 inches. What is the best way or tool for the job?


Thank you!



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Posted 2010-11-02T17:23:10+0000  by catrist catrist



I think it depends what tools you may already have around the house.   A hack saw is probably the simplest tool that one could use to cut metal.   It would probably be good to disassemble the bed so you can work with the legs more easily no matter what type of saw you decide to employ.


Measuring from the end and scribing a line with marker or pencil using a square to ensure you can mark all the way around the leg (don't know if the leg is round tube, square tube, or angle) will help ensure the finished cut will be square.


If you have a vice and workbench out in the garage, you can put an old towel in the vice to prevent scratching the legs of the bed, and then clamp them in the vice and cut them to length.


An electric reciprocating saw is one of my favorite tools for this sort of thing.  It's great if you have one, and with all the different blades available, it can be used to tackle a wide range of jobs and is a good long term value. 


An abrasive wheel cut off saw  or a hand held band saw could also be used, but most people don't have one of these available and unless they are cutting a lot of metal studs or rebar regularly, and so it may not be something that I would recommend just for this job.


After you cut off the legs, you will want to file the ends to remove any burs or sharp edges.   What kind of plastic or rubber foot is on the bed now to prevent it from scratching the floor?  This may be another consideration before you proceed cut these off.  


Good luck with your project !


Best regards,



Posted 2010-11-02T18:56:38+0000  by MarkH

Hello CAT,

After reviewing the bed specifications online, I do not see height adjustments listed among the features of the bed. As a result, I believe modifying the metal bed frame may have safety implications for two reasons:


  1. Modifying the height of the bed will require that you modify the ladder as well. The modified ladder would have to maintain the angle at which it was designed to attach to the bed to ensure that it is safe to climb. This safety factor concerns me and is one reason to reconsider your project.
  2. The bed cross-supports provide stability and help prevent the bed from collapsing. Modifying the legs and potentially changing the support system for your daughter’s bed creates another potential safety risk that may not be worth taking.

Although I am not giving you the answer you probably hoped, I am going to suggest that you consider returning and/or replacing the bed with one suitable for the ceiling height in your daughter’s room. In our stores, we prioritize the safety of our customers and associates. Although it is up to you whether to proceed, I encourage you to reconsider the project in light of the safety issues this may create within your household.


Thanks for joining the community. Hopefully, I can be more helpful on your next project.

Posted 2010-11-02T19:34:50+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Hi Cat, 


I am having the same problem and I stumbled across your post. I have an IKEA loft bed that I need to shorten as well. What was your ultimate solution?




Posted 2012-12-01T03:16:44+0000  by tdale
I also have this same bed from IKEA. I used a hack saw. It did a pretty good job just hard keeping the cut level.
Posted 2012-12-30T20:14:57+0000  by Betty6218
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