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How do I disassemble an EMCO Model 75 storm door slab

The hinge screws keep tearing out and I want to get behind them to reinforce them.

EMCO refuses to provide any assistance whatsoever. 

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Posted 2012-08-24T13:16:27+0000  by rgdemott rgdemott

I discovered that after removing the Torx screws, which loosens the Door Slab frame, you need to hit the inside of the frame with a hammer, protect the frame with a block of wood, this will force the "L" shaped aluminum support to slide out of the frame enabling the frame to separate.  Once this is done you have access to the inside of the frame and can get reinforcing material inside. 

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Posted 2012-09-02T00:51:40+0000  by rgdemott

Hello rgdemott, and welcome to the community!


Not sure which Model 75 you have so I'm giving you the links to the instruction manuals for all three doors. When you say the "hinges screws keep tearing out" are you referring to the screws that are going into the door itself or the screws that go through the frame next to the hinge and into the wood?


If it's the screws going into the wood, then you will need to check the wood for rot, if the screws pull out because of wind damage then your only choice is to use larger screws, BUT, if you use larger screws you may void the warranty.







Posted 2012-08-24T13:45:54+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI

The problem is with the screws going thru the hinge into the "door slab".  I have gone up three sizes in screws, that doesn't work. 


I would like to take apart the door slab and reinforce the inside with epoxy or at the very least be able to put a lock washer and nut inside and replace the screws with bolts.


Any Ideas on how the "door slab" comes apart?  Just taking out the Torx screws doesn't do it. 



Posted 2012-08-25T23:23:34+0000  by rgdemott



It's a EMCO &%  Fullview stormdoor

Posted 2012-08-25T23:24:46+0000  by rgdemott

The hinges are installed onto a part of the frame called a "Z" bar (right hand side). The whole door and the "Z" bar will have to be removed in order to properly address this issue.  Below is a link to the How To video posted on our Home Depot storm door site that walks you through the installation.  About three minutes into the video the installer talks about the hinges and how to install them.  This may help you with how the whole system works.  It may be possible to slightly move the location of the hinges and attach through ne metal (using self-tapping screws).


                         screen door.JPG


I am also linking the actual instruction manual (PDF) for you to download as well - just click on the picture below.


                         EMCO 75.JPG


I would not recommend "reinforcing" the original holes.  There is just too much pressure going on at the hinge area to hold.


Hope this helps.

Posted 2012-08-26T16:06:37+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

Can't relocate the hinges they are fixed to the "Z" bar.


I need to disassemble the "Door Slab" or "Door Panel" call it what you will.


Removing the Torx screws loosens it but there must be some "trick" to pulling the frame appart.


Any idea how to do it?

Posted 2012-08-27T00:32:56+0000  by rgdemott

I think the "Z bar" side has a fixed install of the hinge and cannot be manipulated.


    To remove the right side of the frame - you will have to remove the screws that are attached to the wooden door frame.  Sometimes there is a plastic channel cover that conceals the screws on the front.  Just use a small flat head screw driver to "pop" it off to get to the screws.  Be very careful - because with the door attached to the "Z bar" the weight of the door panel will pull towards you and may fall.

Posted 2012-08-27T00:45:56+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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