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How do I fasten galvanized metal sheeting to my popcorn ceilings?

I am going to install galvanized metal sheets over my popcorn ceilings. In the kitchen and bath I will leave it unpainted. For the rest of the house, I will paint it white.


How do I fasten it to the ceiling? What is the best way to cut it? I don't have a circular saw.

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Posted 2013-09-23T18:09:44+0000  by cluelessinms cluelessinms

Hi cluelessinms,


If you're trying to hide the popcorn ceiling it would be a lot easier to scrape it off and paint the ceilings.


In addition, bare sheet metal in wet environments such as a bath will rust quite quickly.


To attach the metal, locate the ceiling joists and screw the metal to the joists. Ceiling joists are 16 inches on center just like wall studs. In older homes they may be 24 inches on center.


Go up into the attic to see which direction the joists run north-south or east-west.


A circular saw is a must if you are working with that much metal. You can buy one for less than $50.00 at your local Home Depot.


Be sure to purchase a metal cutting blade while you're there.



Posted 2013-10-07T23:15:28+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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