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How do I figure out how many rolls of wallpaper that I need?

I don't know how to figure out how many rolls of wallpaper I need.

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Posted 2013-10-08T21:07:35+0000  by deby58 deby58





You must calculate the total area of your walls and then divide by the format your wallpaper comes in. Most wallpaers now-a-days come in double rolls which are 11 yards long x 20.5 inches wide with a total area of 56 square feet. These seem like oddball measurements, but they are the english equivalent of metric measurments. Once you have the total area, allow about 20 percent for waste and getting your smaller pieces. Unless you have large amounts of doors and windows, just ignore their area.  They will be accounted for in the 20%.


Another way of figuring is to go around the room and count the number of full strips that will be neccessary. Although the double rolls have 33 feet in length, because of the pattern, you will normally only get 3 full strips per double roll. If the wallpaper has no repeatable pattern, you might possibly get 4 strips per double roll if you have 8 foot ceilings. However, because of the small pieces over doors and windows etc., you will still need about 20 extra.


Finally, make sure that you have all the same "run numbers". Papers printed in different batches will often vary in coloration and shadeing. If this happens in the middle of a wall, it looks terrible. If batch numbers can't be avoided, make sure the change is made in the corner of the room where it will not be so apparent.


Hope this has not been too confusing..



Posted 2013-10-09T13:57:53+0000  by ordjen
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