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How do I finish this?



I am working on remodeling our bathroom. Everything has gone great, and I'm over what I think are the most difficult challenges. I just got to the point of installing the acrylic tub and shower surround in the alcove of the bathroom. The bathroom walls and ceiling are going to be drywall. I one section left to drywall, which is the portion in the picture that meets up with the shower surround. The three studs you see will be drywalled and behind the entryway door. My question is, and I have attached a picture for clarity, how do I drywall up to the shower surround? The problem is I drywall to the edge of the third stud next to the shower surround. Then the wall makes a 90 degree turn into the shower. What do I do with that little two inch strip running from the ceiling to the floor that makes up the shower surround edge? I'm not quite sure what to do with this corner. I think it would be very difficult and wrong to cut a 2 inch strip of drywall and somehow fasten it to the acrylic edge...Is there a molded corner or something I should be using here?


BathPic344.jpgThanks in advance for any assistance you can provide! Greg

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Posted 2012-11-21T00:53:34+0000  by gregplc gregplc

Welcome to the community Greg! I hope you had a great holiday.


The proper way to tackle that space is to add a thin strop of drywall to one side and then add a metal corner bead to the outside corner.  Once the corner bead is screwed in, just add compound over the top and all the way to the shower edge.

After sanding and priming - caulk that joint between before painting.


drywall corner.jpg

Posted 2012-11-25T16:50:45+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

Just curious how you fixed the problem as we are in the same one  and the typical metal strip will notice  due to uneven drywall at the top

Posted 2013-06-04T22:58:38+0000  by mistimnoah
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