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How do I fit an 80" bi-fold closet door into an 72" opening?

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Posted 2013-08-28T19:18:37+0000  by louisa455 louisa455

You need to make the opening larger or the door smaller.  Assuming you have 4 panels, you'd need to trim 1" off the edge of each door.  That may not be practical depending on the style of door.

Posted 2013-08-29T01:30:55+0000  by Adam444

I think the above mentioned way is the only way out. It is quite complicated situation but needs to be tackled out. This is a serious problem with lesser number of solutions. Try this out else contact some good company which can help you out.

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Posted 2013-08-29T09:47:20+0000  by lazzydesoza

Chances of making the opening larger are, from a pracitcal standpoint, slim to none. You need to trim the doors, and I assume four doors, thus eight inches, and one inch on each side of each door. Oy! Good luck with that, but I have not seen the doors. I'm looking at some louvered doors I have  next to me, and I would really be strecthing it to cut off 1" from each side. In fact, I would not attempt it.


Now, if they are solid doors (not likely) it's a different story, and this can be done with a table saw or circular saw.


Chances are they are louvered or hollow doors, and the sides are not much more than an inch thick. If such is the case...


Find doors of the appropriate size.



Posted 2013-08-30T18:38:00+0000  by louieb
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