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How do I fix a drafty window

Hi all,


I have a draft coming in my master bathroom window, is there any easy way to fix it apart from replacing the window? Perhaps H Dep make a product for such dealing with such a problem?





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Posted 2011-01-10T15:42:38+0000  by Paddy77 Paddy77

Hello Paddy,

  welcome back to the community. Good news; there are a number of options you can consider to stop that cold air from sneaking in without having to replace the entire window.  Dependent upon where the air is coming in it can almost always be remedied with either a caulk/sealant/glazing putty, new weather stripping, or insulating window film.

First before you begin you will want to clean the entire window area and determine where the air is making its way in.

The most common area of failure is the weather stripping. On just about every window whether it be a slider, double hung, casement…ECT there will be strips of weather stripping that rest against the sill/track/frame and prevent any air from making its way into your home. Unfortunately these things don’t last forever; fortunately they are a pretty easy fix. Once you have identified the leaky seal, you are going to either need a razor and some adhesive remover, a small finishing hammer to pull the old nails out or a mini pry bar. Once removed you can stop by anyone of our stores and pickup a new weather stripping kit which will normally include everything you need to get your drafty window back to normal again.

Here are a few of the different types of weather stripping we offer.

Another common area of failure especially on older windows is right between where the glass meets the sash of the window. This can be fixed with a simple application of a glazing putty or caulk. If the window is of an older design, normally a single pane, it can be removed and re-glazed fairly easily. I recommend going with this route although there are some situations where you may just have to use a door and window caulk or even a removable sealant which both work great and are available in the paint department. If re-glazing is what needs to be done you will need to pick up some glazing putty, glaziers points/push points, and a glazing tool or scraper(~1.5-2” scraper is good). Start by removing the sash from the window, glass and all (this makes it much easier to work on rather than keeping it framed) and begin by scraping out the old hardened glazing putty (a hairdryer or heat gun can make this step much easier). Once the majority of the putty is removed carefully using your scraper pry the old glaziers points out of the sash, and the window should then come free. After you have an open sash remove the remaining glazers putty and you are almost ready to reassemble. A good way to ensure longevity and a better seal of the window is to apply a coat of boiled linseed oil to the bare wooden sashes; this prevents the wood from drying out and keeps the putty from cracking prematurely.  Time for reassembly, this is the easy step.  Knead the putty until it is pliable enough that when you lay it into the sash it contacts the glass completely creating a perfect seal (I found it easiest to roll it in your palms till it’s like a rope of putty), install your new glazier points about every 4 inches starting from the middle of your glass on each side then finish it up with another bead of the putty on the other side of the glass. Once the glass is secure and mounted make sure to scrape away any excess putty as close to the sash as possible. You are now ready to reinstall the sash, prime, and paint.

Here are some of the products from the repairs above.


And another fairly common complaint we get now that the temperature has dropped is that the windows themselves just aren’t providing the insulation needed to keep the cold out. We offer a variety of window insulation film kits that can be applied to the interior casing of the window, they simply stretch over the entire window area to help keep the cold out. This is usually going to be the easiest fix and can be removed as soon as the weather starts to turn.

Well If I missed anything or you are unclear on something please feel free to add some info or ask more questions. I hope I was able to help you out with your project and be sure to let us know how everything goes and what you decide to do.

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Posted 2011-01-10T19:01:10+0000  by HDwetPaint

Hello HDwetPaint,


Just wanted to let you know that your solution to my drafty windown problem worked like a charm. I used both the weather seal foam and the window insulation kit. The bathroom is nice and warm now!


Thanks for your help,



Posted 2011-01-14T13:19:43+0000  by Paddy77

well I'm glad to hear everything worked out for you, if you ever have any questions or would like get some ideas for an upcoming project feel free to post up the more traffic the better.

Posted 2011-01-24T17:30:08+0000  by HDwetPaint
I want the natural wood on my stairs we pulled the carpet off and it was painted with a flat based paint, how can I remove it or is it a lost cause?
Posted 2013-02-03T12:09:50+0000  by Monique3770
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