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How do I fix a dripping kitchen faucet?

My kitchen faucet is a single handle faucet with sprayer on the side.  I have replaced the washer, but it continues to drip.  The dripping has gotten worse over time.  Is there any way to fix it?  Or do I need to replace it?  Am looking to be moving in the near future and hoping not to spend much on this issue.  Thanks!

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Posted 2014-01-26T19:21:07+0000  by bgrim67 bgrim67

Hi bgrim67,


Most single handel faucets use a ceramic disk cartridge, when the cartridge's seals begin to fail, drips develop.


The solution is to replace the cartridge, this requires you to turn off the water, remove the handle and trim to access the cartridge.


The cartridge is usually retained in the body with screws.


Remove the screws and pull out the cartridge, lay out the parts in the order you removed them, that way you will have the correct reassembly order.


Take the old cartridge to your local Home Depot and the plumbing associates will assist you in selecting the correct replacement cartridge.


Install the new cartridge, reattach the trim and handle and your faucet should work like new.



Posted 2014-01-28T20:59:43+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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