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How do I fix a garbage disposal/kitchen sink that is not draining and...

pumping water from the dishwash into the same sink.


This happened today and my efforts to fix it seem to have made it worse. At first the kitchen sink/garbage disposal where not draining. I flipped the reset switch on the disposal and then unpluged it and tired to spin the blades with an allen wrench via the slot on the bottom of the unit. As a last ditch effort I did a load of dishes. It did drain a lot of the water near the middle of the wash cycle.  But after checking on the sink once the wash was done, all of the water from the dishwasher is in the sink. So all my efforts have done is fill the sink with more water.

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Posted 2013-12-11T04:33:08+0000  by mpaulson84 mpaulson84

After you hit the reset button and turned the impeller with the wrech did the unit work?  Any noise at all?  Have you checked to ensure a breaker isn't tripped?


To drain the sink you can probably disconnect the drain pipe at the bottom of the trap.  You'll need to clean out the cabinet and have some kind of bucket/pan large enough to collect all the water.  Some old towels would be a good idea was well.



Your set up might be slightly different but remove the part labeled "p-trap" by loosing the two nuts.

Posted 2013-12-11T14:39:55+0000  by Adam444

I managed to get it fixed without having to remoe the p-trap.The disposal was running. but I flipped the breaker, turned the imperller a few times and just let the disposal run for close to 5 min.  After a few moments the sink drained.

Posted 2013-12-11T17:14:04+0000  by mpaulson84
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