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How do I fix a muddy lawn

How do I fix a muddy lawn that my dogs keep getting muddier?

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Posted 2013-04-09T00:13:42+0000  by Jennifersulliva Jennifersulliva

Howdy Jennifersulliva,


Fixing muddy lawns can be a simple or difficult task depending on . Let's see what we can do to solve your muddy lawn.


For starters check the angle at which your lawn tilts in order to drain water. If your ground is completely level, or if there is a dip or bowl in the design of your lawn, water will collect on your property instead of draining properly. The collecting water will turn the soil to mud and can also prevent the growth of healthy grass.


Add soil to your lawn in order to change the drainage angle. Use topsoil from and shovel the new soil onto your lawn to increase the drainage and water run-off. Be sure to fill in holes or dips, and to give your lawn a slight sloping angle away from your house so that the water drains off of your property, not into your home.
Reseed the new soil if you wish to grow grass or other plants.Determine the type of soil that lies under your grass. For instance, lawns with a clay soil underneath will have trouble draining, as clay does not allow water to leak through. This will cause the water to gather on the surface of the soil, turning the normally healthy dirt to mud.
Aerate your soil and the ground underneath to allow for better drainage.Use a garden fork or aerator to punch holes into the soil and underlying material so that water has somewhere to go, instead of gathering on your lawn.
Add other organic material to your lawn to help it drain better. Use a tiller or soil cultivator to mix in sand, peat moss, mulch or another organic aids into your soil. These materials are loose and allow for better drainage than hard-packed clay or soil. You may need to reseed your lawn after this process to continue to grow healthy grass.
If the problem is severe there are more agressive options like a French drain. A French drain is similar to a dry creek bed, except the water flows underground through a drainpipe enclosed in a gravel-filled trench. It's effective because water flows through gravel much more quickly than through soil. The water migrates into the trench and flows out of a drain at its end point. This solution works well if you have a place to dump the water safely such as a sandy area or a side yard that slopes away from your foundation.
Happy Yarding,
Posted 2013-04-09T01:00:28+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
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