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How do I fix nicks in the polyurethane of my kitchen cabinets and floors?

Hi, Community.


Here's a question that came to us on The Home Depot blog:


Serle writes:


"Help! I stained and polyurethaned my kitchen cabinets about 10 months ago. It is already getting nicks where the poly and stain have been nicked to the core wood. What can I coat it with to make it untranslatable. How do you get floors not to nick and they are heavy traffic areas?"

What advice do you have for Serle?



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Posted 2013-06-05T17:01:53+0000  by HomeDepotCraig HomeDepotCraig

Hey Serle!


The best thing we carry for situations like you is a product that will clean and restore the top coat of the cabinet without having to actually refinish it.


Shown below, Rejuvenate Cabinet Cleaner will give you the shine and fill in the nicks of your cabinet.

Click on the product for more information.

Rejuvenate 16 oz. Cabinet and Furniture Cleaner

Apply it using the microfiber cloth provided and you'll get the exact results you want for you cabinets!


And as for flooring not scratching or nicking, on the contrary, I see this everyday with customers and including in my own apartment. Just like for your cabinets, there are products available to fix them from the wear and tear from everyday use.


Let us know if we can further assist you, and I hope this product will help you in your cabinets.




Posted 2013-06-05T17:40:17+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

Unfortunately I don't have an answer to the question, other than to say that polyurethane is very difficult to repair.


This illustrates why kitchen cabinet refinishing, with the exception of painting, really isn't a DIY project.  Commercial cabinet makers are using catalysed lacquers and varnishes that are far more durable than anything you can buy at the home center but require spray equipment and experience that the average homeowner just doesn't have.


There are super durable coatings available for hardwood floors like Bona's Traffic and Basic's Street Shoe but they're expensive; upwards of $100 per gallon and not available at most home centers.  It's important to talk to your flooring guy about your lifestyle so that he can make recommendations for a finish that will last for years. 

Posted 2013-06-06T02:39:53+0000  by Adam444
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