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How do I get copies of receipts for recent purchases

How to I obtain copies of recent credit card purchases?

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Posted 2013-06-14T23:33:51+0000  by lgodfrey lgodfrey



My name is Katy, I am a customer service rep with Depending on whether the purchase was an online purchase that was either shipped to you or the store, or if this was a store purchase, there are a couple options.


For online orders that were shipped, you should have received a shipping confirmation email stating the order has shipped, that is your receipt for the online purchase. If you no longer have the shipping confirmation email, please call us at 1-800-466-3337, and one of our customer service reps can assist in re-emailing that receipt to you.


For store purchases, including BOPIS, (Buy Online Pickup In Store) if you have created a customer account with, and your card information has been stored in your account, when that card is used to make a purchase, you can login to your account and can view in-store receipts used for every saved credit card on file.


Another option if you make a purchase at the store, the keypad will ask if you would like an emailed version of your receipt, or an (eReceipt.) If you select yes it will prompt you to enter your email address, once submitted, it will email you the eReceipt to your email address.


If you have not registered a customer account with, or did not select at checkout to have an eReceipt sent to your email; I'm afraid there isn't a way to locate the receipts for those previous purchases. I do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Posted 2013-06-15T05:13:34+0000  by 19katherynb
Good news! Looks like you can create a Home Depot account and then add all of the credit cards you've used and your past receipts magically appear on your account. This is a GREAT feature.

Thank you HD!
Posted 2014-12-02T20:59:45+0000  by MattJanssen
how about when you use apple pay? how do you get it to show in your home depot account?

Posted 2015-02-13T15:35:23+0000  by homedepotcust
can I get a spreadsheet of my purchases
Posted 2016-07-06T16:51:13+0000  by aherodias
aherodias - I am a co-founder at, a platform that allows you to easily track and manage your purchases at over a dozen vendors including Home Depot. If you create an account on Greenback and sync your Home Depot account you will be able to see all your purchases and then export them to a spreadsheet
Posted 2017-03-07T16:52:43+0000  by greenback
Thank you MattJanssen

To see your in-store receipts:
Click on your account
Orders and Purchases
In-store e-receipts
Posted 2017-07-27T00:30:09+0000  by RobertInSantaBarbara

It is quite easy to track your receipts if you are the Home Depot Pro member.

1. If you are not a member of Home Depot Pro, then it's a great idea to become one. You can find details here: Home Depot Pro Sign UP

2. Click on the receipt and print. 

Here is one benefit of being a Home Depot Pro member, if you give them your phone number and use it when you purchase the materials, THD will save the receipts for 24 months and email it to you too! So no more snap, scan or email receipts to your bookkeeper. 

Check out more perks of being a pro member - you can read on this blog:11 Benefits of Home Depot Pro.
Posted 2018-02-02T20:25:39+0000  by KellyMay
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