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How do I get white paint spots off my dark hardwood floors?

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Posted 2013-05-15T18:09:33+0000  by jesussaves jesussaves




The first question is whether this is oil or latex paint? A further question is what the nature of the finish is on the hardwood? Is it a urethane or oil based finish?


You will want to start with the mildest, less agreesive measures:


If the the spots are of latex paint, first try a piece of terricloth dampened with hot water. Terricloth is slighty abrasive and should help the hot water loosen the moisture sensitive  latex paint. DO NOT use anything abrasive! An old plastic credit card might be useful in loosening the paint, especially if drops are present, rather than mere splatters


If mere water is not sufficient, proceed to wiping the splatters with a rag dampened with denatured alcohol. Alcohol will immediately attack latex paint, but will not touch an oil based varnish.


Finally, as a last resort, try "Goof Off" solvent. Goof Off will immediately attack latex products but does not normally attack oil varnishes.


The above meathods should work on oil based finishes. However, if you have an older home, you might possibly have an old fashioned shellac and wax finish. If it is shellac, the use of alcohol will immediately attack the finish too. If this should happen, it would be possible to re-shellac the finish.


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-05-15T23:16:54+0000  by ordjen
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