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How do I hang sheetrock on basement walls when the bottom half of wall is concrete?

I want to hang sheetrock in the basement but the bottom half of the walls are concrete, so, how do I hang sheetrock on the bottom half/concrete basement wall?

Please help.

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Posted 2016-10-08T07:19:10+0000  by RTH RTH

Hello RTH,

Is the top half of the wall drywall all ready? This could change the nature of finishing the wall. Below is a general guide on the process.

The first and most important step is to properly prep the wall properly. This means checking for any water intrusions. If the basement walls have any moisture problems at all, those will need to be sorted first.

Concrete and cinderblock will naturally wick some moisture just by their nature. Never install drywall directly to concrete. This can lead to mold and mildew issues down the line. Sealing the concrete with a masonry water proofer/sealer is the first step. Use a product like DRYLOK to seal the concrete surfaces. You could also install a moisture barrier of 4-6 mil plastic sheeting.


The method in which you finish the wall will depend greatly on your area and preference. As always check local building codes for your area. You can frame the wall out in either 2"x4" studs or with furring strips. Where every the framing will contact concrete be sure to use pressure treated lumber.


The framing or furring strips not only help maintain a separation between the drywall and concrete, but also provides spacing for insulation and/or electrical and plumbing. Take measurements of the wall height in multiple locations. The wall framing you will build should be just shorter than the shortest of the measurements. If framing with 2"x4" then build the wall on the floor with studs placed 16" on center. Once the frame wall is complete it can be tipped up to the concrete wall and shimmed as needed. Secure to the concrete floor with a powder actuated nail gun.


In between the framing I prefer rigid foam insulation. It's much easier to cut and fit in between the framing. When attaching the foam make sure that you use only adhesive rated for foam. Other adhesives will likely burn and melt the foam. Once the wall is properly prepped and framed drywall can be installed.



Posted 2016-10-10T18:24:32+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL
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