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How do I install a dishwasher?

I got a used dishwasher for free. I would like to insall it, but I do not have an existing place for the dishwasher. I have no place for electric, drainage and source of water to the dishwasher. What do I need for these things to install a the used dishwasher in my kitchen?

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Posted 2013-08-06T04:29:26+0000  by baldwinkandy baldwinkandy

Hi baldwinkandy,


Thank you for your question and welcome to our community.  I just finished moving my dishwasher from one side of my kitchen to the other side when I did a cabinet remodel.  You will need to have all of the items you mentioned which will be:


  1. A hot water source ( Usually from your hot water heater)
  2. An electrical outlet (GFI Plug)
  3. A place for the water to drain

Hot water Heater.jpg Electrical Plug-GFI.jpg  Kitchen sink & drains.jpgPVC P-Trap.jpg Dishwasher tail piece .jpg


Without the above items, all you have is a metal box with shelves in it.


You order of install should be:


1. Electrical first


2. Plumbing which will be your hot water source  first


3. Drain-which will attach to your kitchen sink garbage disposal if you have one or separate drain for the dishwasher      thru the "air gap". If no garbage disposal you can use a "Tail Piece" which will attach to your kitchen sink drain              fixture.

Dishwasher tail piece .jpg

The dishwasher is a nice convenience item for the kitchen but you will need to do a bit of work before you can make that a working item in your kitchen.


Be sure to take a video of your project before, during and after and share it with us in our Project Library under “I Did This”.


Please let us know if you have any further questions.


This has been another of,

Posted 2013-08-09T17:42:03+0000  by Rick_HD_OC
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