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How do I install a portable washer

Can I disconnect the hoses under the kitchen sink adn connect the hoses for the portable washer, or do I need a faucet with a hot and cold handles?

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Posted 2013-11-21T16:59:05+0000  by loreeves loreeves

Most faucet connects are 3/8" compression and most washing machines use 3/4" garden hose, so just disconnecting the faucet supply lines isn't going to work.


If you're going to use this washing machine for some period of time I might suggest modifying the plumbing under the sink so that you could connect the washing machine as needed.  If you don't want to do that, you could replace the aerator of the faucet with an adaptor designed to accept a garden hose.  From there add a "Y" garden hose adaptor, connect the washing machine supply lines, and adjust the temperature via the faucet.




There are a few different threads for aerators so it would be a good idea to remove it and take it to the store so you can get a garden hose adaptor with the correct threads


Posted 2013-11-21T20:14:55+0000  by Adam444
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