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How do I install a storm door on a door with sidelights?

After purchasing a storm door for our front door, I determined that the frame around the door does not have the required 2 1/2" to make necessary room for the door knob hardware. The brickmold trim around the door and sidelights is 3" further out than the wood around the door itself. I am assuming I can shim it out to make it as deep as the rest, but not sure if I have the ability to make it look normal. Are there any other options?

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Posted 2013-10-05T21:19:37+0000  by timncindy timncindy

Hello timncindy and welcome to the community!


It sounds like you don't have brickmould trim on the mull post between the sidelite and the door, is this correct? 


Ideally you should have brickmould on all three sides surrounding your door in addition to the outer perimeter of the door and sidelites combined. The first picture below shows a red corner, this is the side of the brickmould where the storm door frame should be mounted. Some manufactures that assemble doors & sidelites do not provide the vertical brickmould for you to attach a storm door, they only provide just the outer perimeter, shown as the Blue lines in the second picture.  


I would not recommend shimming the brickmould, that could weaken the post. You need the correct thickness of wood for it to be flat against the jamb--the more wood surface contact the better. 


When you say 3", do you mean vertical post between the door & sidelite? If Yes, it sounds like they added wood filler to spread the frame to fill your rough opening, could you please post some pictures of what you are explaining, it will better help me visualize your situation.  



door with sidelites.jpg




Posted 2013-10-10T14:04:09+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
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