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How do I install and replace a toilet bowl??

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Posted 2012-04-22T15:20:40+0000  by harrye12 harrye12

Installing a toilet bowl is a great skill to have in your tool belt. As soon as everyone knows you can do it - your phone will never stop ringing. :smileysurprised:


Home has a great how-to guide that walks you through every detail.  There is a link to a great video as well, that will eliminate any worries you might have about the installation process.


The best advice I ever got from a plumber concerning toilet installation was to get two wax rings just in case one becomes damaged during the process.  It has served me well.







Hope this helped.


Posted 2012-04-22T17:06:20+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL



For the ones who have  watched this how to video;


Another alternative to remove water from the toilet, once the valve is shut off, is to use one of these Wet/Dry shop vacs.

shop vac.JPG

Shop vac demo.JPG

Also instead of wood shims, you can also use composite or plastic shims, which are impervious to water.

 toilet shims.jpg

Just some things I wanted to share - for the ones in need of spare (toilet).:smileyhappy:


Hope this helps,




Posted 2012-04-24T14:25:45+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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