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How do I install safety bars on ceramic tile shower

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Posted 2013-11-26T14:55:21+0000  by pygalgics pygalgics

Because the bar needs to be able support a fair amount of weight and not fail, it's very important that they be secured properly.  Ideally you want to hit a stud but those can be a little tricky to identify, especially in a fully tiled shower stall.  They do make special anchors for grab bars that are essentially oversized versions of traditional hollow wall anchors.


Assuming you can't identify the studs, what I would do is drill a 3/16" hole where I wanted to mount one end of the bar.  If I didn't hit a stud, I would bend an L on the end of a straightened metal coat hander and start "feeling" for studs.  One I identified the location of the studs, I would install the bar using anchors and/or screwing into the studs.



There's also a epoxy glue system available that doesn't require drilling.  I haven't used it but my gut reaction is you're relying on the connection between the tile and substrate.  Given the number of crappy tile jobs out there, if it was my Mom's hip at stake, I'd want a mechanical connection.

Posted 2013-11-26T16:49:43+0000  by Adam444
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