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How do I insulate my shop that is a tin roof and 2x6 rafters?

How do I insulate my shop that is a tin roof and 2x6 rafters?

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Posted 2013-11-05T14:40:02+0000  by buck1292 buck1292

Hi buck1292,


Thank you for your question and welcome to our community.    You have a couple of good choices when it comes to insulating the till roof of your shop.    The one that I think will serve you the best is the Ultra Touch Ultra Touch Radiant Barrier which comes in a 48 inch wide by 6ft, 4ft & a 75ft roll and is .375 in thick.  This product can be glued onto your metal roofing.  


The Ultra Touch Radiant Barrier is made from recycled natural fiber for the padding with a foil faced insulation which is lightweight and very versatile.  The fiber padding is great for noise reduction also.


                                                Roof Insulation-Ultra Touch Radiant Barrier.jpg


Another great option is the Enerflex 16 in X 4ft Radiant Barrier which comes ten in a box.  This product is only .175 in thick but will block 96% of the suns radiant energy and will help to prevent heart loss in the winter as well. This is an easy installation.  The edges of these panels can be staples up by overlapping the edges for side by side installation.  No overlap is need for end to end installations but aluminum tape is recommended on the ends for a good seal.  


                                        Roof Insulation-Enerflex Radiant Barrier 16 in X 4ft.jpg


For added effect, you can also use Sunshields Radiant Barrier for roofs.  This product is applied to the exterior of your roof and will help to block & reflect 95% of the solar heat entering your shop.  

                                                 Radiant Barrier for roofs-Sunshield.jpg


The more you can do to insulate, the better your results will be.  There is also a foam sealant that can be used to seal the space between the rafters and the metal roofing before you attach any  insulation.  

                                               Spray on Insulation-Froth-Pal 12 Foam Sealant kit..jpg

For additional spray on insulation choices, be sure to visit Home Depots “The RedBeacon” which is a list of contractors which have been approved by The Home Depot.  


Please let us know if you have any further questions. 


Posted 2013-11-08T18:28:22+0000  by Rick_HD_OC
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