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How do I kill old 240 volt wire to electric stove? Replacing it with gas stove.



I am replacing an old electric stove with a gas one. The old stove is a hard wire connection from breaker box directly to the stove.


I am wondering how to kill the live wire that is currently connected to the electric stove. One person told me that I could simply shut off the main breaker and cap off the wires inside of the 240 volt line, tape them and place them inside of some sort of an electric box. Then just leave the breaker off that connects to the stove.


Additionally the new gas stove may be able to plug directly into the socket where the fridge is plugged in??


Any advice would be greatly appredciated.


Thanks, Jeff

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Posted 2011-01-01T19:26:21+0000  by Trashyone Trashyone
Your friend is correct. I would remove the wires from the breaker as an extra precaution(with the Main Breaker turned off, and you are comfortable with being in the electric panel. BE CAREFUL!
Posted 2011-01-02T18:41:12+0000  by tombs31
Sorry. shjould have added Yes to plugging the nstove into the refer outlet as long as it isn't a combo microwave/stove. That would require a seperate circuit.
Posted 2011-01-02T18:43:26+0000  by tombs31

Should you decide to leave the wire in the wall, I say this because there are U shape nails on the vertical studs.  Leave wire in a plastic or metal box then install a blank face plate on it. At the main panel remove these two wires and also on the natural bar. Label them as "Old Stove".  You may want to use them at a later date for lighting.  Remember both wires carry 110 ea. For future projects.



Neighborhood Handyman

Posted 2011-01-02T20:51:43+0000  by NeighborhoodHan

As to your new stove, use yellow Teflon tape or pipe compound.  I prefer the compound. Not needed on brass fittings.



Neighborhood Handyman

Posted 2011-01-02T21:15:17+0000  by NeighborhoodHan

I would get an electrician to rewire the breaker so that your old 220 outlet is a 110 receptacle to plug your new gas stove into.

Posted 2011-01-09T13:23:02+0000  by dapperdan16
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