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How do I know that my ceiling fan is going as fast as it should?

I have had to replace on ceiling fans speed control. The other fans do not seem to go as fast as I remember. How do I tell that it is time to replace the speed control?

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Posted 2013-06-01T00:42:29+0000  by gilbertwb gilbertwb

Hey gilbertwb,


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Do you know the make/model of your ceiling fan? If you aren't certain of who made it, simply look at the top of the motor housing of the ceiling fan to obtain it...if it is a fan with a downrod. Flush mount fan would require you to take off the motor housing to read the manuf. information.


Once you know the manufacturer, you can contact them directly to get troubleshooting information. Since there are so many makers of fans in the United States, I can't diagnose your fan until YOU know what it is.


In terms of the slowness of your fan, the speed control switch isn't the source of the issue. Typically, the fan speed switch is just that, and on and off switch in various settings. What actually regulates the speed is a capactior. While these are sometimes easy to replace.....we need the model and make of your fan before we can go any further.


Let us know what kind of fan you have, and we can further assist you.



Posted 2013-06-12T21:26:13+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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