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How do I level the ground for a pool

Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to level the ground to put an above ground pool.  I have grass in my backyard but it is not leveled at all.  Thanks for your help!

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Posted 2011-07-13T16:03:32+0000  by Ivonne Ivonne

Hi Ivonne, Blake here! As temperatures rise a pool sounds better and better huh? As far as above ground pool installs go leveling is easily the most important part of the job. Although the job can be done 100% by hand, you may find that a few trips to a Tool Rental Center will make life a lot easier!


First things first, select the area that the pool will be located. Insure that there are no water, gas, or electrical lines running under the area. Also avoid the septic tank (if applicable).


After you have selected your location you will need to remove all vegetation (including grass) from the install site. You will need to clear a few feet beyond what is required for your pool. You can do this with flat shovels, but I would highly recommend the use of a gas-powered sod cutter. As it will really cut down on the amount of work required (pun intended). The sod cutter can also be used to help excavate some soil from the high side which will help you achieve level.



Once the Grass is cleared and soil has been excavated to a roughly level surface you can start leveling the area using fine masonry sand. Use a long straight 2x4 with a level on top to determine where you’re high and low spots are. You can also use this 2x4 board to move around the sand to achieve level.




Once the sand is leveled a few feet beyond the space required for the pool. You will need to compact the sand with either a hand tamper, or a gas powered compactor (very highly recommended). After the sand is compacted you will need to again check for level, and repeat this process as many times as is necessary to achieve perfect level.



After the soil is level and compact, wet it with a garden sprayer, this will help set the sand in place. Be careful not to wash the sand away, you are just trying to get everything nice and wet, not flooded.


With the sand wetted your leveling project is complete and you can start the install of your pool. Before you continue please check a few things. Make sure that these instructions are consistent with those provided by your pool manufacturer (some may vary). Confirm that your job has had the correct permits pulled from the city. Lastly check that you will not be violating fence codes, or electrical codes.

Good luck with your project Ivonne, and enjoy your new pool this summer!




Posted 2011-07-13T17:57:55+0000  by BlakeTheDiyGuy
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