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How do I make storm windows with acrylic panels

I would like to know what I need and how to make my own storm windows for some odd shaped windows using acrylic panels instead of glass

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Posted 2013-10-15T23:04:51+0000  by JCantrell JCantrell

Hello JCantrell and welcome to the community!


Making homemade storm windows is easy and you don't need a lot of tools. To make the frame, use 1x2 popular boards, or you can use vinyl trim boards of the same size. 




Then cut the wood to the opening width and height subtracting 1/2", this provides clearance for temporary caulking and retaining clips, I'll discuss that at the end. Using galvanized wood screws, drive the screws in from the top & bottom, two screws per corner. 


wood frame.png


Cut the Plexiglas/acrylic 1/2" larger than the opening (Plexiglas/acrylic shown below in blue). Once the frame is built and the plexiglass/acrylic is cut it's now time to affix the plexiglass/acrylic to the frame with exterior silicone caulk (caulk seen in red below).


Run the bead of caulk around the inside perimeter and place the Plexiglas/acrylic on the caulk, press into bead lightly. Carefully turn over frame and run another bead of caulk around the perimeter in the corner next to the glass & frame, effectively sealing the plexiglass/acrylic to frame on both sides, let caulk dry as per directions. 


wood frame with plexiglass and caulk.png

Use Window Clips to hold the frame in place and Dap's Seal 'N Peel caulk around the perimeter to seal the frame to the opening. When it comes time to remove the storm window, the Seal 'N Peel caulk just pulls right off, it's forms a temporary watertight and weatherproof seal yet peels away easily at the time of removal.






Posted 2013-10-18T15:42:47+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
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