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How do I paint a steel front door?

Hi, home improvement experts.


We have a question about paint that came to us on an article on The Home Depot's Apron blog about painting a front door for better curb appeal


Sheryl is planning to paint her front door. But it's a steel door, and she wants to be sure she's going about it the right way.


What's the advice for Sheryl or anyone planning to paint a steel door?



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Posted 2013-08-07T15:25:59+0000  by HomeDepotCraig HomeDepotCraig

Hello Sheryl!


Thank you for your question! When painting a steel front door, you will want to use an exterior paint and primer in one. A paint with a primer mixed in has excelled adhesion and it will stick to your steel door wonderfully.


At our stores we have 2 different exterior paint and primer paints that are both by Behr. Behr Ultra is the original paint and primer in one. It is dirt and fade resistant and has excellent hide. Behr Marquee is a new paint that we started carrying this year and is a step up from Ultra. It offers all of the same qualities, but they are even better in Marquee. Additionally, Marquee is rain ready in 1 hour, which is pretty awesome considering most paint is rain ready in 24 hours.


Both of these paints come in any color you can imagine and are available in a flat, satin or semi-gloss finish.


Good luck with your project and let us know if we can help with anything else!


Christine :smileyhappy:

Posted 2013-08-07T17:19:52+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL

 I would add a caveate here: If this is a new steel front door with the hard, slick "primer" that comes on them, I would first scuff sand the door with 220 grit paper, and then apply either  an oil based primer or a dedicated acrylic primer such as Glidden's Gripper. I would definitely not go directly over the factory finish with Ultra or any of the paint and primer in one paints. To do so risks bad adhesion and peeling, espeically where weatherstripping sits on the face of the door. The risk increases if very dark, saturated colors are used


If this is an existing door which has been painted with an oil paint, you might use the Ultra after a good cleaning and thorough scuff sanding of the door.


Going over existing latex / acrylic paint should present little adhesion problems. Again, clean it well and give it a scuff sanding.


You can tell if the existing finish is oil or latex by rubbing it with de-natured alcohol. Alcohol will not harm oil paint, but will readily start attacking a latex paint. "Goof-Off" will have the same effect of readily attacking latex, but doing little harm to oil paint.


Just some points of clarification.

Posted 2013-08-07T21:42:23+0000  by ordjen
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