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How do I paint and seal my concrete floor? what materials?

I just took out the carpet in a bedroom.  I want to paint and seal the concrete floor.  what materials do I need?

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Posted 2014-01-20T22:36:47+0000  by dulce dulce



As with any paint application, the floor should be first cleaned, especially of any oily residue.


For normal foot traffic, both acyrlic Glidden and acrylic Behr Porch and Floor paints would give good service. Both can be tinted to amost infinite colors. Both dry to a satin sheen.


The Glidden P&F is self-priming. You can just go around twice with the paint.


The Behr P&L would like you to prime with Behr 880 Concrete Primer. This is a clear liquid which will seal the concrete and help assure a good bond. The 880 should dry for 6 hours before proceding with the paint. Depending on the color chosen, two finish coats may be neccessary.


There are a couple tougher alternatives:


Behr One- Part Epoxy dries to a harder, more chemical resistant surface than the acrylic P&L. It is actually suitable for garage use also. Like the acrylic P&L, it should be used with the 880 sealer. Also like the acrylic paint, it too dries to a satin sheen.


Glidden oil based Polyurethane Porch and Floor dries to an extremely hard, glossy surface. It can be slippery, so caution may be in order in a bedroom situation where throw rugs and young people in stocking feet may present. Its upside is its extreme cleanability. Like the acrylic Glidden floor paint, the Polyurethane is self-priming.


Hope this little review has helped.

Posted 2014-01-20T23:24:44+0000  by ordjen
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