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How do I paint over Plastic Panelling/Wainscoting?

I recently purchased a house and am now ready to tackle my bedroom. My homes is over 100 years old. The bedroom is floor to ceiling plastic panels that I would like to paint over. However, when I painted a small spot it easily just scratched off. Is there something I can do to  make my walls take this paint without sanding? Under the paneling the walls are unfinished plaster and I do not have the resources currently to dry wall.

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Posted 2010-12-16T15:10:25+0000  by greekgyrl02 greekgyrl02

 Great question greekgyrl02!


Our good friends at Zinsser have got your solution.


They make Cover Stain, an oil-based primer that can be tinted to be similar to your new color ... you will be applying your first coat of color while you are priming.




The product label says, "Sticks To All Surfaces Without Sanding. Dries Quickly. Use With Any Topcoat."


What the first part of this statement means to you is minimal prep ... I would use TSP or Krud Kutter to clean around switch plates and doorways where hands may have deposited dirt or oil; but sanding is not required.


"Dries Quickly" ... I would expect between one and two hours for your tinted primer.


"Use With Any Topcoat ... water-based or oil-based paints will adhere well. So, simply use the paint you tested earlier.


Simple ... with one safety exception. You need to ventilate the room while priming to prevent inhaling the oil vapors. Please be sure not to overlook this step. Take a break and leave the room for several hours after you are done.


I know you are going to love your new color!

Posted 2010-12-16T16:55:11+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Gripper is fine as a primer if you dont want the nasty oil based "solution"... or if you live in California where Cover Stain gallons are water based due to VOC restrictions. It sticks to galss, tile... you name it.


Oil base primer is dead.


Only superior on metal.


Modern water based primers have almost the same stain killing ability and adhesion. without the solvents required to clean up and the headache inducing odor.



Posted 2011-03-21T19:00:18+0000  by paintguy606
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