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How do I paint popcorn ceilings

How do I paint popcorn ceilings?

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Posted 2013-11-19T23:03:19+0000  by debiannpalmer debiannpalmer

First, dust the ceiling.  


Second, you want to use a rough roller with a 3/4" nap and test paint a small patch in the most inconspicuous area.  If the popcorn comes off or loosens too much, you may want to spray a light coat of oil based primer first to help the bond hold and protect it from loosening with the water based paint application.


Third, you should also wear safety glasses to keep popcorn out of your eyes and wear a shower cap or other type of head covering and cover anything in the room with plastic and use dropcloth.  Popcorn and textured ceilings are messy and wet pieces will drip off onto things.


Last; paint in one direction and stop--don't roll back and forth because when popcorn ceiling gets wet it starts to peel off so you have to apply the paint and let it dry before you recoat.  It's okay if you miss some spots, you can get them later after the first coat is dry. 



Posted 2013-11-20T01:27:18+0000  by firehorse5



If the popcorn has not been painted over, it is the ideal time to consider removing it. If it has not been painted , it zips off readily, and the residue washes or sands off relatively easily. Once painted, it becomes much more difficult to remove. 


A popcorn ceiling has a very dated apperance. Totally removing it or replacing it with a simple orange peel or knock down texture would be much more up to date.


If you decide to paint it, spraying it with an airless sprayer lessens the chance of loosening the popcorn as their is no physical agitation of the surface. It should idelly have a coat of drywall sealer followed by a coat of paint. You will discover that such a ceiling, if not painted before, will suck up LOTS of primer. Even if having been painted before, a popcorn finish takes about 50% more paint due to its texture.

Posted 2013-11-20T06:19:07+0000  by ordjen
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