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How do I paint the metal doors on the fireplace?

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Posted 2013-05-20T16:46:09+0000  by JJ26 JJ26

First You Must Sand It To a Smooth Surface With San Paper.  Then Tape The Glass And Spray Paint The Doors With Engine Paint.  Probably Need 2 Coats.  Let It Dry Between Coats.

Posted 2013-05-20T17:28:10+0000  by tranquility4all

You did not mention IF this was a real fireplace or gas logs?  Gas logs will have no chance of the fire touching the doors.  Real logs may on occasion have fire touch the doors.  Either way, no paint is made to take direct fire contact.  IF you are going with black as your color you may wish to use 'high temp grill paint'.  Some gas stove dealers sell other colors; beige, red, green, blue.  OR you could find on-line.  Make sure the surface you are painting is clean, free of rust/dirt.  If you need to sand to remove rust, use a fine grit paper, then a tack rag to remove all sanding dust.  A primer may be required before using the hi temp paint.  Use several light coats with the aproved time in between coats per paint manufacturer specs.

Posted 2013-05-20T22:04:36+0000  by spockmckoy
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