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How do I paint unfinished loft bed system

 I just purchased a wood loft bed system.  It comes unassembled, I'm fine with that.  Point is I need to paint it white, and add stenciling.  First of all, am I correct in putting together first?  Second, what steps do I need to take, and with what products to get it painted.  Oh,forgot say, due to it's weight, it will be assembled in the room it will be used in, so taking it out side to work on it is out of the question.  Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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Posted 2013-06-09T13:08:12+0000  by SilverSedai SilverSedai

I am thinking that you may want to paint it all before assembling..Just because it will make the job a little easier to lay it all out on a couple of saw horses and knock it out.  At least the first coat and then possibly apply the finish coat after assembled.


The BEHR ULTRA semi-gloss is a great product for this. 


BEHR Premium Plus Ultra 1-Qt. White Semi-Gloss Acrylic Latex Exterior Paint

Posted 2013-06-09T20:03:21+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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