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How do I prepare trim boards in kitchen (previously stained and sealed) to be painted?

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Posted 2013-04-18T22:13:22+0000  by JayLB JayLB




The more traditional way to handle such woodwork is to wash it, give it a scuff sanding and then prime it with an oil based enamel undercoater. After the primer has dried and been sanded, you can finish coat with either an oil enamel or an acylic latex enamel.


However, in recent years, acrylic enamels, such as Behr's Ultra Semi-Gloss, have been developed which will bond directly to varnished woodwork. Of course, the preparation, as when using oil primer,  is still very important.


The secret to getting good, brushstroke free results with acrylic enamels, is to work rapidly and resist the temptation to keep brushing thinking that you can lessen the brush marks.  Acrylic paints set very rapidly and try to form a surface skin. If you continue to brush, you will actually degrade the final results. Brush rapidly and trust that the paint will level itself.  IT WILL IF YOU LEAVE IT ALONE !


Of course, the better the brush, the better the results. Don't skimp on the quality of the brush used. A  quality Purdy or Wooster syntetic bristle brush will give superior results.


Hope this is of help.

Posted 2013-04-19T03:41:14+0000  by ordjen
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