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How do I remove a spout from a garden tub?

I am replacing the deck surrounding my garden tub. It has an old Delta set (handles and spout) from about 1984 mounted on the existing deck and I have to remove the handles and spout in order to remove the old deck and install the new one. Please note that there is no water shut off valve for the tub plumbing so it has to be disassembled from the top of the decking. I can get the handles off but can not figure out how to remove the water spout. On the bottom of the spout there was a plate with 4 screws. When I removed the plate it exposes a copper pipe that carries the water thru the spout. Does the pipe attach to the spout or does it just run thru it? How would the body of the spout be attached to the deck? The spout has a base roughly 3x3 and the spout that the water flows thru is roughly 11 and there is what appears to be a black gasket between the bottom of the base and the surface of the decking. There are no visible screws attaching the spout to the deck. Finally, it appears as though the copper pipe running inside the spout is attached some way to the hole in the spout where the water comes out.  Is this released by unscrewing the little round thing that  contains the little round screen? The spout itself is about 11 inches long.
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Posted 2017-08-25T17:12:14+0000  by Lainie Lainie


Greetings Lainie,

I have consulted with a plumbing expert from the Boston, Home Depot, where I work in the aisles. Gerry is the go to plumbing person in my store; he takes on any challenging question, and helps resolve and finds a solution for any problem, question or new install.

First, after hearing your question Gerry said that the copper pipe is probably soldered, so it is attached, and it sounds like it is a frost free set up….was all this installed by previous owner?  Did you follow the line into the basement to make sure there is no shut off there? Does it tie into another line somewhere? Going forward you should have a shut off installed, it is a wise move.

Both Gerry and I feel that you should have a plumber look at the set-up. You can take some photos, then go to your local Home Depot, and ask for a plumbing expert. Photos will help greatly with diagnosing and answering your questions, upload some images here as well so we can have more eyes on your question!

Please let us know how things are going, send us some pictures so we can better answer the question.     Maureen


Posted 2017-08-29T16:02:28+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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