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How do I remove bathroom/shower tile without damaging the drywall underneath it?

My 6 year old decided to pick at the wall in his bathroom when a tile fell out and now we have a hole in the drywall through to the inner walls. I will need to replace the drywall in that area, but I want to know how I remove ALL the tile in the shower without damaging the drywall in other areas. Specifically what tools, etc...  we will need and I would also -like to replace the tile with one of those complete surrounds. How do we do that?

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Posted 2013-10-11T16:31:39+0000  by D-Andrews D-Andrews

  To preserve the drywall, the best thing would be a large metal putty knife and a lot of patience.  HD carries a few products that will help soften the grout and mastic -- check at your local store.  I'd use your son's starter hole as a starting point and work out basically in a circle.  If one tile in the area was loose, you have a better chance of getting under the others from there.  There will be a big mess.  Close the door and open the window.  Mist the tiles to keep the dust down as you work.

  Installing a surround will be the tricky part.  Most are made for specific tubs.  There is an "adjustable" one that HD carries, but you need to be able to access the wall framing to install it correctly.  There are clips that need to be attached to the tub from the back, and then screwed to the studs (on the tub side) at the top.  You might end up taking down the drywall on the walls anyway. 

  Have you considered laminated panel board instead of a surround?  It would be a lot easier!  It would go right over the drywall (with waterproof adhesive) and be sealed top and bottom.   Add trim at the corners and it's done.  Your store should have several patterns to choose from and you can add suction cup accessories to them. 

Good Luck !

Posted 2013-10-12T06:43:29+0000  by LazyGardener
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