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How do I remove layers of old paint off of a wooden garage door?

I am first time home owner and need to paint my garage door. The paint on it is old and beginning to chip. I thought I could just scrape and paint but that didn't work. Is there a product I can use that will help to loosen the paint so that I can remove the paint more easily? Im inexperienced in this area............Please help, thanks.

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Posted 2013-07-14T11:23:04+0000  by teachnu teachnu

There are chemical paint strippers, the ones that contain methylene chloride seem to work the best on paint.  Read the instructions for use carefully.



 Depending on the age of the door, there may be lead paint and you will need to take the appropriate precautions.

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Posted 2013-07-14T13:15:04+0000  by Adam444

 If the door has a really thick layer of old paint, burning the paint off with a blowtorch works well. Unlike burning paint off the house itself, burning a garage door is quite safe. You do not have the risk of starting a fire within the cavity of the  walls or attics. It is still a good idea to have the garden hose handy though.


Curiously, burning does not work well if there is only a thin coat of paint. There, the chemical strippers are more effective.

Posted 2013-07-14T15:02:01+0000  by ordjen

Thank you, so much!

Posted 2013-07-15T10:44:45+0000  by teachnu
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