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How do I remove the bottom portion of a double hung window to replace it?

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Posted 2013-12-15T20:00:22+0000  by stephensb stephensb

Howdy stephensb,


To remove a double hung window, you need to determine if the window is older or newer, as the design is a bit different.


Old windows have counterweights and newer ones have springs. Remove the stops, tilt the sash out and slip the rope out of the channel. If the window sashes are contained in the frame, remove the frame casing.  Finally you would remove the rest of the window, keeping the 2X4 frame the window sits on. Here are some detailed instruction to assist you on an American Craftsman double hung window.






These instructions are for this particular type of window, if you have an older or different type please post photos of the window so we can better figure out how to help you.


Happy Fixing,

Posted 2013-12-17T00:46:28+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
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