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How do I remove tile glue without ruining my walls?

We are in the process now of remodeling our bathroom and we have a wall that had pink tiles on it.  (Yuck)  The tiles are off the wall, but the glue is still there.  


What can I do or use to make this a "real wall" again.  Is there anything I can use that will remove the paint but not damage the walls?  If not, what's my best option here?  


Here is a pic of what it looks like now...


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Posted 2012-10-19T13:27:37+0000  by hazeedaisee hazeedaisee

Hello Again HazeeDaisee!


Just answered your thread about repairing walls after removing wallpaper, but I would recommend a completely different approach for the walls in this photo.


You can try sanding with 100-grit sandpaper or you can use Klean Strip Adhesive Remover, but neither of these methods is guaranteed to easily produce satisfactory results.


The secondary repair after using either of these methods includes the steps from your wallpaper question (click link above).


A much easier repair includes these steps:

1) Position replacement sheetrock over the area to be repaired and mark the outside edge on the original wall;

2) Use a utility knife to cut along the mark and remove the damaged sheetrock;

3) Position the replacement sheetrock into the hole and screw the repair into the wall studs;

4) Use sheetrock mud and joint tape to hide the seam;

5) Sand smooth with 150-grit paper and finish with 220-grit paper; and

6) Prime and paint.


NOTE: Most DIYers are reluctant to cut their walls. However, after executing this repair once, you'll never go back to the labor intensive other way. Your repair will be much easier if you start with a full sheet and cut the sheet to match the repair space. Using several smaller pieces makes matching the seams more difficult.


FINALLY: I made this video to demo wall repair in preparation for painting. Although it shows general wall repair, you can use these tools and techniques on larger sheetrock replacement seams or on smaller nail holes.


Posted 2012-10-19T15:06:40+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL




It is water under the bridge at this point, but it would have been far less work to just cut the dry wall and pull the old drywall , tile and all still intact. Replacing drywall is far easier than repairing the damage caused by removing the tiles one at a time.


Short of removing the drywall at this point, it is possible to remove the top layer of the drywall paper using a 4 inch rasor knife. You should use a slicing motion, undercutting the top white drywall paper, leaving the pulpy brown paper underneath. When this is accomplished, sand the pulpy paper to smooth it as good as possible. Then prime the whole area with an oil based primer such as Cover Stain. When the primer has dried, trowel on a thin layer of drywall compound over the entire area. When dry, sand the area using a drywall sanding block. It may take a couple coats. Finally, prime and paint .


If the intent is to replace the tile, you would be best advised to remove the drywall and replace with cement board, or at least green board.



Posted 2012-10-22T16:25:02+0000  by ordjen
How do I remove the adhesive glue on the back of my tiles and my Wall without cutting a piece of Dry Wall to cover this up??  I am not a Home repairman.  Thank you
Posted 2016-05-04T14:51:06+0000  by 4by4
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