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How do I remove wall paper?

I need to remove wall paper.  Can you advise what to buy?


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Posted 2013-09-23T22:07:22+0000  by jasmith jasmith


We sell at the Home Depot an excellent wallpaper remover kit from Zinsser.


The kit includes a wallpaper remover spray and a tool called a paper tiger, which is designed to score the wall paper to allow the spray to penetrate and loosen the paper.


A scraper is also included to help remove the paper.


Another option is to use the paper tiger to score the paper and then use a garden sprayer filled with water and spray the wallpaper.


The water will penetrate the paper and loosen the wallpaper paste. I'm told adding fabric softener to the water, helps loosen the wallpaper.


Then the paper can be peeled off with the assistance of a scraper.


You may also use a wallpaper steamer, which uses warm steam to penetrate and loosen the paper.


Wagner makes a good unit which is available for sale or rent at your local Home Depot.








Posted 2013-09-23T22:21:20+0000  by Mike_HD_OC

i just steamed mine off

Posted 2013-09-23T22:26:44+0000  by harleygirl


Care should be taken when using the Paper Tiger. It is capable of making thousands of punctiures in the drywall. These punctures allow excess water to enter the drywall, softeniong it and resulting in damage while scraping the old wallpaper. The remaining punctures then must be patched, often requiring troweling the whole wall with a thin coat of drywall compound.


I personally preferred to use very course 36 grit sandpaper. This would scratch through the plastic coating and inks on the surface of the wallpaper, allowing the water to reach the paste holding the paper to the wall. You only need to sand until you see the white of the backing paper. You do not need to sand all the way to the wall.


The secret to wallpaper removing is plenty of soaking water and plenty of patience. Most do-it-yourselfers start scraping at the paper too soon.It will take 15 or 20 minutes of spraing before most papers release.


Also, don't spray too far ahead. Once the paper starts to release, you can only get it off so fast. If you can't keep up, you will needlessly have wet down the wall and will have to start over.


You will want to wash the paste off immediately after the paper comes down. Again, why let it dry down and then have to re-wet it.  It is easy to miss some paste, as the cellulose paste used on most pre-pasted wallpapers is not visible. It feels slimey to the touch and must be washed systematically, feeling for the slime with your hands. Scrub it with a 3M scrubby pad or steel wool, followed by rinsing with a sponge.


It is always a good idea to completely prime a room which has had wallpaper removed. Try as you will, a little paste will probably be missed and should be sealed with primer. Also, invariably, you will have some patching to do and they too need primeing.


Hope this has helped.


Posted 2013-09-24T02:37:52+0000  by ordjen
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