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How do I repair cracked seams on a popcorn ceiling?

I just bought my first house (built in 1989) and have a popcorn ceiling where the joints are cracking. I don't know if the the tape spilt or tape wasn't even used on the drywall seams. I can sand it and re-tape with joint coumpound but how do I apply the popcorcn texture and make it blend in? (the repair area will be 3 inches by 12 feet, roughly the size if the tape)....I bought the spray can stuff and tried it is not ideal for this repair..........any options besides taking off all  the old  texture and retexturing the whole ceiling?

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Posted 2012-08-31T17:16:40+0000  by jtrom jtrom

The only luck I've had is more of a cover up than a repair.  I used a putty knive to pull back the tape where it was loose.  Not enough to remove it, rather just enough to get the tip of a caulk gun under it.  I then applied a genorous dose of white painters caulk and pressed the tape back into place.  I then used my fingers to texture the excess caulk (in some places where not much squeezed out I actually applied more to the surface) as close as I could to the existing texture.  After a day to dry I painted the ceiling.  If you know what you're looking for you can still see the seam, but if not it blends in very well.

Good Luck

Posted 2012-08-31T22:42:59+0000  by BosunJeff


The proper repair requires that you scrape off the popcorn on both sides of the crack. The crack is then treated like any drywall repair: pull loose tape, replace and then top off with drywall mud til flush. After sanding and priming, touch up with popcorn spray, either from spray equipment or from touch up cans.

Posted 2012-09-01T20:09:45+0000  by ordjen
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