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How do I repair creaking floors?

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Posted 2013-10-16T01:43:54+0000  by Mister Mister

Hey Mister,


As Adam444 states, you can use squeak reducing fasteners sold at The Home Depot. Click below for a link that will take you to both screw systems that we carry.



Theres also a great video on our website going over stoppping floor squeaks. To view it, click on the image below.

Step 4: Driving Screws From Below


Let us know if you have any addtional questions,


Best Answer

Posted 2013-10-16T13:29:13+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

The noise you hear is caused by the wood rubbing against the nails that were use to attach the floor (or subfloor).   There are several products on the market designed to fix the problem, depending on the kind of floor you have.  One version uses a special screw and jig.  You drive the screw through the floor (or subfloor) into the joist below.  Using the jig, the screw is designed to break off just below the level of the floor (or subfloor).


You can watch a video of how the product works here.

Posted 2013-10-16T02:28:07+0000  by Adam444
Thank you. This is very helpful.
Posted 2013-10-16T14:15:14+0000  by Mister
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