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How do I repair my peeling bathroom sink inexpensively ?

My bathroom sink is part of a wooden cabinet, but the sink itself is chipping and  peeling. How can  I  repair this issue inexpensively ?  Replacing the sink is not an option. I am a renter. I thought about placing applicades in the sink to cover the flaws, but so far I've only come across applicades of feet !

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Posted 2011-06-19T23:09:22+0000  by mcke71 mcke71

Your question raises many questions in my mind, especially regarding definitions.  For example, most sinks simply sit in an opening in the top of the cabinet.  Your sink is not made of wood, is it?  If it were, that would require a whole different set of answers.  If your sink is made as most are, it is probably metal with a coating of enamel paint.  Wood sinks could indeed chip and peel, and enamel sinks regularly chip.  It's actually difficult to keep a painted sink un-chipped, because of objects striking the sink, but what do you mean by "peeling"?  Could you describe what you mean more specifically?  Does it peel only when pulled upon, or are you finding pieces pulling loose due only to the action of the water?


I believe that I may have options to offer you, but I need to better understand what you're dealing with.  There are a number of inexpensive fixes available (I anticipate that your best solution would be free of cost).  I've used many of them myself.  The only advice I have at this point is that you are correct about avoiding appliques.  That would look strange and would make your sink difficult to clean.  I could imagine placing appliques on the bathroom floor, or the walls, or even on the floor, all in the spirit of whimsical decoration*, but you  would regret sticking them to the sink.  The owner may not appreciate it, especially when it comes time to remove them.


Sorry for being so wordy, but I can't really answer your questions until I"m certain that I understand what you're dealing with.


* My bathroom is painted to look like an aquarium, so I'm a person who regularly "colors outside of the lines" when it comes to decorating.

Posted 2011-06-20T05:02:44+0000  by furbutler

Hey mcke71,


I was in the same boat as furbutler when it comes down to finding a proper solution for your peeling sink.


Can you update us with a bit more information, as in what material exactly is peeling?


Posting pictures, if possible,  will go a long way so we can decide on how and where to go for tackling your peeling perils.


Please let us know if we you have any further questions/comments/concerns,




Posted 2011-06-20T13:50:28+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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