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How do I replace a wooden window sill with a PVC sill on an installed window?

How do you attach the new PVC sill to the installed window frame sides?

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Posted 2013-10-22T05:20:53+0000  by boltsandnails boltsandnails

Hello boltsandnails!


This very common damage occurs most often where the wood sill meets hard surfaces like brick.


Moisture gathers between the wood and brick and the softer material (wood) rots.


The repair: PVC sill nose or sill is outstanding because moisture will never rot this material.


Most often, I cut the entire original sill off the window.


Once exposed, I remove any additional rotting wood beneath the visible damage.


At this point, you will "see" your pathway to a better repair.


What I usually see are framing boards to which the new plastic sill can be screwed.


You should pilot a hole for your screws and make certain the screws a long enough to reach the frame.


If these structures are not accessible, use Bondo All Purpose Filler to create an undercarriage to which you can screw.


This filler is strong enough to hold screws after it cures.


So, don't rush through this repair.


Allow plenty of time for the Bondo to set, and then pilot screw holes and attach.


Once secure, fill remaining seams and sand smooth before priming and painting.


Paintable Silicone rubber caulk is my final step.


This product is a better water barrier than water-based caulk ... preventing water from entering the wall in the future.

Posted 2013-10-22T16:11:22+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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