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How do I replace an existing microwave?

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Posted 2014-02-05T20:58:25+0000  by jt2148 jt2148

I assume you mean an over the range (OTR) microwave you are asking for? Well you would want to measure your available size or better yet look up the model specs for your current one. It will give you a good ballpark on what you will need to buy for a replacement for if space is limited.


It is not hard at all for replacing them. It is definitely best to do it with 2 people, one for holding and the other for removing the upper bolts. Most models have 2 bolts or screws on the top of the shelf inside the cabinet along with where the power cord is usually ran. Unplug and remove the screws/bolts like you would any other and make sure the 2nd peson is holding the microwave. The microwave should then fall down from the front. The back is usually held on by a plate that is screwed into the wall on the back that it just sits on. You can Google general guides on how they sit. The new microwave should come with a template and install directions for you as well. It is a fairly easy DIY though, just make sure you use a second person to help out.

Posted 2014-02-06T03:06:06+0000  by FF_Dan
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